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The world of business is changing quickly, and it is important to stay on top of not only the key trends in your industry, but also spend time studying and internalizing the “macro environment” so you develop well-grounded opinions about how the shifting landscape might impact your business trajectory. Here are brief book reviews of some “classics” that are standing up to the test of time, and have had a continuing impact on us and our way of  looking at the world. Send us an email to recommend resources and tell us what’s had an impact on your thinking:

Of course there is always new material to consume in the ever-expanding field of “business management”, however we believe the key idea that separates the great companies from the not-so-great ones is in how they embrace change. As economies globalize, new technologies decimate the old “status quo” approach, and companies continue to shed non-core assets in favour of outsourcing those services, we see that sustainable business success comes down to basic agility to respond to challenges and to reconfigure aspects of the business in real-time. And that comes down to becoming excellent at managing change.

In the section below you’ll find links to articles and documents that shed important light on understanding the core principles of managing change effectively in an organization.