Books – Systems Thinking

Birth of the Chaordic Age (Dee Hock, 1999)
Excellent, thought provoking read. Lots of good take-aways about how chaordic (the intersection of “chaos” and “order”) organizations need to differ from our traditional command and control oriented organizations.

Mindwalk (video, 1991)
Starring Sam Waterson, John Heard, Liv Ullman, this movie is based on the Capra book “The Turning Point”. It presents a deep conversation between the 3 players behind mechanistic and systems thinking. An excellent movie, if you are interested in exploring the basis of “systems thinking”.

The Logic of Failure (Dietrich Dorner, 1996)
A book full of computer simulations illustrating complex inter-relations of systems. A very interesting read.

The Next One Hundred Years
 (Jonathan Weiner, 1986)
Excellent read on “systems thinking”, and ramifications behind the earth and human interactions as a system.

The Corporation (Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, 2003)
A compelling documentary film that “puts Big Business on the couch”. Through interviews and use of psychiatric guidelines, the directors explore the history of the corporation and its legal rights as “a person”, and go on to diagnose the patient as a “psychopath”. Entertaining, disheartening, and very sobering, love it or hate it, this is a film that will make you think.

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