Case 1: Commercial Start-up

Client Profile
Early stage technology Start Up with Series A funding

Client Challenge
What is optimal “route to success”, given limited cash, initial commercial traction, and fierce competitive environment?

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 3 months
Executive team facilitated workshops: 1 day off-site intense workshops, each month for total of 3 months
Limited project work in between workshops

Formal Deliverables
• Alternative approach to standard “high cost, high risk” US direct sales build out
• New (high level) product roadmap for establishing new high-value product category
• Overall company and product positioning game plan & internal communications strategy
• Strategy & tactics for delivering Tier 1 OEM relationship

Business Outcome (1-12 months after engagement)
6 Months: Company executed all elements of strategy, delivered new product set, established category (with market analyst validation), delivered OEM relationship
9 Months: landed Tier 1 field trials in US and European markets
12 Months: Readying for Series B funding at significant valuation increase

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