Case 2: Market Growth

Client Profile
Young technology company with positive cash-flow and significant (first market) customer traction

Client Challenge
Things are great now, but this market will only take us so far. What is our best trajectory moving forward, and how do we ensure team alignment around the outcome?

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 3 months
Kick-off executive on-site workshop (1/2 day); ongoing project work with 3 person team, including new executive hire as “ramping” strategy. Regular executive team review sessions for alignment, re-direction, buy-in and context setting as appropriate

Formal Deliverables
• “Network Map” identifying layering of industry products, elements across all key technology-based market segments
• Comprehensive market opportunity sizing model identifying key “what if” variables allowing for pricing, value addition, overall fit, and service transition rates
• Baseline set of scenarios laying out most attractive business direction(s) and initial cost structure, timing required for each

Business Outcome (1-12 months after engagement)
1 Month: Board level buy-in to overall direction, futures
3 Months: Follow-on technology studies validating overall functionality fit for future markets
12 Months: Tightened brand positioning for future evolution, international channel and partner development activities for extending commercial foundation

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