Case 3: Strategic Facilitation

Client Profile
Mature CAD $100M technology SBU (strategic business unit) inside “Fortune 500” company

Client Challenge
We are going through our annual planning process. Can you work with us to custom design and facilitate the overall process?

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 4 months
Teamed with internal prime, design multi-stage process to required timelines. Facilitate multiple workshops (offsite multi-day, internal) and prime key internal research projects

Formal Deliverables
• Executive alignment to fundamental rethink about services & customization as profit drivers for future success
• 3 year strategy document and 12 month AOP (annual operating plan) in company required format, styling
• M&A modeling framework for measuring target fit & attractiveness
• BU lifecycle management modeling to support investment sizing decisions and operational metric requirements

Business Outcome (1-15 months after engagement)
3 Months: Implemented focused plan to build up customization services as profit driver, execute against AOP as planned
9 Months: Proactively drove selling of BU to industry-focused player at high valuation level
15 Months: Key managers (4) now form backbone of 7 member executive team of $250M business

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