Case 4: Build Services Business

Client Profile
CAD $250M technology division of “Fortune 1000” business

Client Challenge
We want to build a comprehensive services business. Can you help us with the design and implementation planning?

Methodology & Process
Identified internal team of 5-6 primes from multiple locations dedicating 10-15% of their time to project. Designed and managed engagement process involving focused 1/2 day workshops, regular team meetings and executive review sessions.

Formal Deliverables
• Catalogue of available services inventory, descriptions, labour content, cost and pricing models, and historical selling volume estimates
• Detailed framework for planning out revenue & margin calculations by service & service category
• Organizational model and rationale for various organization options
• Framework and major objectives of 30/90/180 day action plan developed

Business Outcome (1-12 months after engagement)
1 Month: Company organization accomplished ahead of original schedule. New management team executing against 30/90/180 day action plan

12 Months: Company executing against overall plan successfully.

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