Case 5: Executive Alignment

Client Profile
100 person IT division of 1,700 staffed educational institution

Client Challenge
We started a costly and quite messy “transformation” effort towards a more business oriented approach and haven’t made any real progress – can you pick up the pieces and help us move forward?

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 8 months
Designed cascading monthly off-site 1-day management workshops to work team through business elements from client needs through to service delivery requirements. Limited time involvement of participants outside of workshops.

Formal Deliverables
• Documented change management process as it relates to client situation
• Description of IT function represented as Lines of Business model
• Identification of business, operational metrics required by Line of Business for effective management
• Written observations: alignment of member personal motivations and business goals, management capabilities, independent observations
• 3 month, 6 month action plan to begin implementation project

Business Outcome (1-6 months after engagement)
1 Month: Feedback from project sponsor (CIO) of subtle changes in some team member language, actions
3 Months: Management team beginning to drive and “own” key change initiatives
6 Months: Function starting to be acknowledged by client groups as “getting it” and taking ownership for business results

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