Case 6: Business Critique

Client Profile
CAD $2.0M technology services & contracting company

Client Challenge
I’ve had a long-standing business idea that keeps distracting me. Can you provide an independent review of what it would take to make it real?

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 2 months
As background activity, investigated complete business opportunity (market, technology, competition, investment)

Formal Deliverables
• Interim face-to-face review to clarify a number of critical technology, market and financial issues
• Written summary of main resources (time, investment, infrastructure) required to execute on business opportunity and identification of where available skills could be found

Business Outcome (1-3 months after engagement)
Immediate: Realized could not commit to required investment. Shifted immediate focus to ensuring ongoing success of company through other routes
3 Months: Sold partial stake in company and re-formed as Business Unit of long time partner company

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