Case 7: Complete Business Re-engineering

Client Profile
Mature company (30 years) of $1.5M in annual revenues with stagnant, unpredictable growth & challenged profit profile

Client Challenge
Partnership structure with one exiting partner due to health reasons; other partner needed to re-engage in active business management, understand value of business and then commit to business valuation growth plan

Methodology & Process
Elapsed Time: 15 months
Developed executive team facilitated workshops, hosted multiple facilitated strategy workshops; developed and managed weekly management team meetings, developed key business success tracking tools, Action Trackers, and educated team in use
Acted as part of management team with involvement ramping down as management team became comfortable with new “hands-on” focused management roles developed for/with them.

Formal Deliverables
• Delivered full design intent of 3x business valuation improvement (measured as average of three separate valuation techniques)
• Clarified target markets, segmentation, approach/priority activities for each segment
• Developed key operating metrics, weekly measurement/reporting activities, weekly mgmt meeting structures
• Implemented new “cloud based” customer engagement software sitting at core of business systems

Business Outcomes (1-15 months after engagement completed)
3 Months: Partnership separation formalized amicably, remaining partner comfortable and thriving in active management role
9 Months: Partner takes first extended vacation ever; living much less stressed life professionally & in improved financial space
15 Months: External parties have expressed strong interest in acquiring business and are presenting offers.

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