How We Do What We Do

We architect our client engagements from a combination of deeply developed skills, know-ledge, and expertise covering three key business performance areas:

INTENSIFYING STRATEGIC CLARITY: Working with executives in a workshop format, we challenge their existing belief systems about their industry and their business, while facilitating their discovery of superior ways to envision and re-engineer their economic engine and business model for improved performance.

CONSTRUCTING ENABLING MEASUREMENTS: A business team experimenting with a non-traditional way of approaching an opportunity may not find readily-available tool sets and data sets, since their industry “just doesn’t do things that way”. Also, internal design and build efforts can be overly long, painful and sap scarce resources. We work with the executive team to understand what data sets they have easy access to and then help them design and report on appropriate business metrics  so that the business team can get on with the job driving forward with improving business performance.

 In any business, the enabling business processes require continual adjustments and improvements, and require the ongoing discipline and commitment of the management team to adhere to their agreed actions. We have deep process design and organizational embedding skills in the traditional arena of Operational Effectiveness projects — fixing broken processes, improving existing processes, and designing and implementing new business processes.

Our Methodology

The “transform/21” engagement model