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Here are links to all of our archived transform/21 newsletters. We hope you enjoy reading them. If you have any comments, questions, or thoughts you wish to share with us, please email us at

16-Sep-2014: Issue #23: What I worked on this summer!

18-Jun-2014: Issue #22: One way to shrink your in-box!

9-Apr-2014: Issue #21: An invitation to Walk the Talk

2-Apr-2014: Issue #20: Change is in the air

17-Feb-2014: Issue #19: February doldrums upon you?

8-Jan-2014: Issue #18: What’s different in your January?

12-Dec-2013: Issue #17: Gift-giving time? Give the Gift of Clarity

12-Nov-2013: Issue #16: Exploring “innovation”

10-Oct-2013  Issue #15: Feeling powerless? Change the rules…

27-Aug-2013  Issue #14: School is back in. What brand are you building?

4-Jul-2013  Issue #13: Branding the Authentic You

5-Jun-2013  Issue #12: A summer selection of thoughts, plans, and chuckles

7-May-2013 Issue #11: I need your help to Change This! 

12-Apr-2013 Issue #10: Are you a reluctant change agent? 

11-Mar-2013 Issue #9: Ruts in your brain, success with change (part 5 of 5)

24-Feb-2013 Issue #8: Planning your change (parts 3,4 of 5)

17-Feb-2013 Issue #7: Planning your change (part 2 of 5)

10-Feb-2013 Issue #6: Planning your change (part 1 of 5)

30-Jan-2013 Issue #5: What are you waiting for?

10-Jan-2013 Issue #4: It’s 2013. Got a Succession Plan?

28-Dec-2012 Issue #3: Angry? Put it to good use in 2013.

13-Dec-2012 Issue #2: Why Change? Why Now?

23-Nov-2012 Issue #1: transform/21 introduction, and about happiness.