Our 21/21 Workshop

We’re ultimately in the business of creating “positive change” for you by working with you and your team to “hard wire” that change into your company so it sticks  (check out our methodology here).

Sometimes it is pretty obvious that things need to change: if your business is in a death spiral; if the bottom line is getting squeezed; if your working capital has dried up; if some big “disruptive” event — loss of a key customer, a planned acquisition, or several key executive defections — is in the process of happening. In those cases, change seems pretty obvious…

Mostly however, “the need for change” — and the desirability of change — is somewhat invisible to us. We tell ourselves: “Sure things aren’t great, but that’s just the way things are. Business is tough. The economy sucks. We’re working as hard as we can.  Our customers are demanding. Price competition is cut-throat. If we could do anything different, don’t you think we would be doing it? This is just the way things are.”

We beg to disagree. We’re willing to wager our time and expertise to help you recognize that you can gain a significant improvement in your business in a meaningfully short period of time. We can help you design up to a 21% improvement in a key business indicator/metric of critical importance to the company’s long term sustainability, and achieving it within 21 weeks of implementation time.

Here’s our general process for conducting our 21/21 workshop — we:

  • Meet one-on-one with the CEO (or executive sponsor) to understand the general business concern(s) and have initial discussions about the metric/area of improvement that the business needs to focus on;
  • Then interview key members of the executive team to get a bit of a history lesson about what’s been happening, where the current business focus is, and how “change-ready” they feel the current company is;
  • Do our own homework about the size/scope of the change program and its’ reasonableness, given what we’ve seen and heard;
  • Facilitate a (half-day to full-day) strategy session with you and your executive team — at your work location — and start to design a blueprint for the change envisioned [depending on logistics and scheduling issues, this may be conducted as 2 half-day sessions a few days apart];
  • Meet once more with you and leave you with a clear understanding of how we will work with you and your executive team to fully realize the scope of the desired change and over what time-period.

The above is completed within a fixed price and a fixed time frame (typically within 4 weeks) from initial engagement. You’ll be in an excellent position to determine for yourself how to best move things forward, whether your team has all the ingredients to be successful on their own, and whether you will benefit substantially from engaging an external transformation agent to help keep the change process on track.

Our wager? We’re very comfortable we’ll be able to help you think about your business in a new way, and that you’ll clearly see long term, lasting value from our 21/21 workshop.  If not, then we’ll immediately refund 50% of the price of the workshop. No questions asked. And if we’re engaged to work through the full implementation stage with you, we’ll link our fee to the overall percentage accomplishment of the agreed change. That’s our “skin in the game” to make sure we help you deliver meaningful change to the bottom line.

For further information or to schedule a (free, no obligation) first meeting, email  us today  at: engage@cviewstrategies.com, or call us at 613.266.7716.