What We Can Do For You

What is troubling or exciting you, and where does it sit on your priority list? What are your various options to address it?

Does it make business sense to engage us to help ensure the desired change happens in a disciplined, methodical, and sustainable way that helps to scale the business?

Once we understand the background to your issue and the specific business outcomes you are seeking, we will provide a fixed price proposal for you based on our transform/21 methodology. Our engagements are typically completed within two quarters (26 weeks) elapsed time so that you get the business outcomes you need quickly, and we don’t get underfoot in your day-to-day operations.

Our engagements address all manner of organizational change, business growth, and overall capabilities improvement of your “business machine”. Typically, larger clients (over $100M in annual revenues) will engage us at a business unit or division level for specific change initiatives; smaller clients often look to us right out of the gate to help them envision, develop and integrate completely new business capabilities impacting their entire business.

Think of us as your Chief Transformation Officer — available for rent, so you can get us off your payroll when the change initiative has been completed and before the next one needs to be triggered.

Read the details of our engagement methodology — transform/21