What We Have Done For Others

“Your business is your business.” We think that you wouldn’t want to share too many details related to your specific business strategies and insights on public websites. This is certainly how our clients feel and so you will NOT SEE specific names of our client companies here. What you do see are real specifics of some of our many engagements to date; all summaries have been personally reviewed and approved by the specific client in question.

At an appropriate point – when we are under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you and understand your specific business challenges – we will be pleased to introduce you to our clients and you can talk directly with them to help you determine whether we are a good fit for you.

Our clients appreciate this level of confidentiality in their business; when you become our client we think you will also. Here are a few scenarios from clients we’ve helped in the past:

Case 1: Commercial Start-up

Case 2: Market Growth

Case 3: Strategic Facilitation

Case 4: Build Services Business

Case 5: Executive Alignment

Case 6: Business Critique

Case 7: Complete Business Re-engineering

Case 8: Saving a Professional Services Company